School Visits & Bookings

As a certified therapy dog team, Heidi & Reed make school and library visits together on a regular basis.

During the Rescuing Reed programs, they usually spend about 30 minutes with each group which are comprised of individual classroom visits and/or assemblies.

Heidi sends order forms ahead of their visit so parents can pre-order books that she will then bring with her to sign during their visit.

The program generally follows the following outline:

  •   Introduction
  •   Heidi reads Rescuing Reed: The Little Dog Who Could to the group
  •   Heidi discusses the importance of “being someone who makes a difference in other people’s lives”
  •   Question & Answer time
  •   Visiting time with Reed (for those who want to pet him)
  •   Book signings (when applicable)

Heidi often sends black & white illustrations from the book with the children to color when they get home. She can tailor her programs upon request and depending upon the age group of the audience.

Please email her at, call her at 610.357.6578, or complete the contact form to schedule a visit.

Heidi’s event fees are reasonable and she has a great rapport with children! She donates her profits to animal rescues who support the Rescuing Reed project.