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Book cover of Rescuing Reed

Rescuing Reed (2017)

Follow Reed on his journey from homeless dog to a dog with a purpose. When a special shelter volunteer takes an interest in him, Reed learns that even he can get a second chance.

This book teaches us that, just like Reed, even the toughest individuals are valuable and can succeed. Rescuing Reed: The Little Dog Who Could is a powerful true story of love, rescue, and hope.

Written by Heidi Mottin
Illustrated by Stephanie Fliss
Published by Mascot Books
ISBN: 978-1-68401-395-1
Hardcover — $14.95

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Select Illustrations

Reed enjoying a bubblebath

Illustration of Heidi & Reed reading to kids

Illustration of Reed as a therapy dog

Reviews from Amazon Buyers...

A 'must have' for children, animal lovers and supporters of animal rescues! Great illustration and message of second chances!

The best! An amazing true story that touches the soul.

Reed’s journey and finding his forever home with Heidi Is both inspirational and heart-warming. The story shows children and adults alike that everyone deserves a chance. It teaches that love and patience really do make a difference.

Today Mom read us the story of Reed. We were sad at first, then happy, and then inspired. It is a great children's story about how Reed was in the shelter and overlooked for years until he met the right person to show him love. Now he spreads love as a therapy dog! You have to buy this book!

Bottom matter where you come from or what challenges you face, you can overcome and succeed in incredible ways! This book is an easy and enjoyable read for children, but as a dog loving adult, I loved it as well...Heidi Mottin and her dog Reed spread the word about rescue, rehabilitation, and the unbreakable spirit of dogs in a way that will leave you wanting to get out there and do more for the dogs in your community. A must read!

This book/journey, is for all ages. Heidi shares the story of a puppy who spends a long time in a shelter environment wondering why he is doomed to be alone, only to find that humans can be selfless. Beautiful story of second chances and rescue. Highly recommended!

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