St. Matthews School

Day 1

Heidi & Reed

Heidi reading to kids

Reed and I enjoyed our first visit to St Matthews School and read our book to 2 different groups: kindergarteners and then 2-year-olds.

The kindergarteners loved hearing Reed's story and asked so many questions before and after the story.
We improvised the story a bit for the real young crowd and they loved it too!

We’re looking forward to coming back tomorrow!

Day 2

Heidi & Reed reading to little ones

Kids and Reed

kids petting Reed

Reed and I attended day 2 at St. Matthews School and did 2 more book readings with a first grade class and a 3-year old class.

The 3 year olds were the best little listeners we’ve seen and they listened to every word. The first graders had great questions too!

We can’t wait to visit St Mathews again soon!